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VPad - Secure Digital Signature Pad - Digital Signature with ID card (with the smart card)

Signing the document on VPad using national ID card (with the smart card). The signed document remains unmodified and the certificate is valid.

Signing the document with the digital signature using VPad is safe and secure, the data is processed in the device, the biometric data is encrypted and cannot be separated. 

The biometric data includes the recording of pressure and speed of the pen that makes a forgery of the signature impossible.

The biometric data never leaves the device in unencrypted form or separately from the signed document.

Biometric data contains the document hash, this way it is bound to the document and cannot be separated. 

Biometric data can be extracted from the document only via private key stored by a trustee for the purposes of the court only.

For demo purposes, we can provide a demo certificate with the private key, in order to demonstrate the biometric data in graphic form.

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