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VPSign's VPadā„¢ is an electronic document product that captures handwritten signatures. It is based on a full-sized LCD tablet computer with an integrated electronic pen, enabling it to display multi-page documents in full size and capture handwritten signatures and modifications.

Customer service agents see on their screens exactly what the customer sees on the VPad Paperless Printer.

The customer signs the document using the medium of the tablet, as if signing a piece of paper using an ink pen. The difference is that the document is not printed but is stored electronically and is tamper-proof. VPad stores the signature's encrypted biometric identifiers for authentication purposes.

Documents for signing are delivered electronically to the VPad Paperless Printer, which is configured as a standard USB printing device connected to the customer service agent's station. The documents can be routed to the paperless printer from a central server or generated locally at the service agent's computer using any application that is able to print.

Once the consumer signs the document, the VPad Paperless Printer calculates a hash code for the document with the handwritten signature and seals it using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology. The sealed document is uploaded to the organizational network and routed to the central server in the network for archiving.

VPad is suitable for banks, service providers, insurance companies, government offices, small businesses, healthcare organizations, utilities, telecom companies, tourism and hotels.

VPad Paperless Printer key features:

  • Displays documents on high resolution, full page sized color screen
  • Conforms with electronic signature regulations
  • Handles multi-page forms with multiple signatures generated from any local Windows application or from a central form generator
  • Captures key behavior biometric signature information
  • Signature Wizard enables perfectly completed forms
  • Is compatible with Public Key Infrastructure
  • Displays customer-specific advertising messages
  • Connects to a local station just like a USB printer
  • Easily integrates into any computer system, including CRM, ERP, or other information management system

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