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Legal documents are transitioning to electronic format with many court systems accepting or requiring electronic filing. Law offices are becoming more and more familiar with the advantages and benefits of electronic documents. However, signed contracts still remain an area where hard-copy contracts need to be managed and archived manually.

The VPadā„¢ Paperless Printer allows law offices to become completely electronic since contracts are signed electronically instead of with pen and paper. In most law offices, a huge amount of office space is occupied by volumes of legal documents. These can be replaced by electronic archiving which eliminates the need for floor space - often in high rent districts, and allows for immediate retrieval of client files and contracts. Mis-filing of paperwork is no longer possible.

The VPad Paperless Printer also shortens  the signing process since there is no longer any need to initial each page. A document signed and sealed with the VPad Paperless Printer is tamper-evident making it impossible to replace pages within the contract undetected .

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