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Must companies in the travel industry be forced to print out hard copies of contracts or agreements for the sole purpose of signing them by their customers? Statutory regulations permit elimination of printouts in many cases, as long as there is strict adherence to the stated guidelines. This is good news for the airline industry, hotel management, car rental companies, sign up forms for health and entertainment clubs, or in fact any kind of printed material pertaining to the travel industry that until now was presented on temporary media and intended for long-term archive, and can be replaced by legally binding, temper-proof digital documents that are trusted by everybody: customers, companies, and administrators.

The time has come to realize that when you are renting a car, you can use the rental company's VPad out in the rental yard to indicate on the contract any scratches and bumps on the cars. Picture instead -- those car rental agreements printed in duplicate becoming a thing of the past.

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